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Our goal is to optimize your longevity. To us, longevity starts with hormones. If your hormones are balanced, your longevity is optimized. Helix Mobile Wellness and Research is a mobile service and longevity company – we will come to you, home or office, with your testosterone and hormone therapy being done without ever visiting a medical office. Helix uses mobile healthcare services and mobile apps to facilitate and synchronize prescription-based treatment that can optimize your hormones, with the goal to maximize your longevity.

Through our care, we will continually monitor and treat your testosterone, estrogen, free testosterone, progesterone, thyroid and adrenals.

Here’s how it works:
STEP 1: We send a mobile phlebotomist to your home or office, where we (1) record your vitals and (2) draw a blood sample, after our practitioners have ordered your blood test.

STEP 2: Within 7 to 9 business days (usually) our blood laboratory will test your blood and report a comprehensive hormone panel on your Helix mobile app. The report will include levels on testosterone, free testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, adrenals, progesterone, PSA (for men), hemoglobin, hematocrit, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

STEP 3: Our in-network lead medical practitioner will call you and decide whether you qualify for treatment – and pending qualification, administer a prescription protocol for the sake of optimizing your hormone levels, as well as offer insight on vitamin levels, fitness and diet.

STEP 4: Our in-network mobile medical practitioner will visit your home or office, administer a physical (final step of qualification – depending on prescription) and show you how to use your medications. Medications will be sent directly to you from one of our in-network pharmacies.

STEP 5: You are now on your way, with your full hormone optimization. Your monthly membership fee will cover in-house blood testing, doctor consults and prescription refills, as we monitor your health, making sure your experience is a good one. You continue to receive guidance while you stay subscribed, so that your longevity is managed well.

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Helix is now open in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Common Symptoms of Hormone Imbalances include:
Exhaustion, depression, metabolic and weight loss issues, loss of muscle mass, belly fat, sexual dysfunctions, loss of libido, brain fog and sleeping issues.

Helix’s technologies related to mobile app technology, diagnosis algorithms, medical delivery and medical devices, are patent pending. Helix does not sell hormone products or produce products – we facilitate prescription-based services that are handled by licensed medical practitioners.

New Helix MWR Locations

We are proud to announce that Helix MWR is now open in the following cities:

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Summer Approaching….

Summer is almost here! And for us at Helix MWR, we think the coming of a new season is always the best time to catalogue what makes us most thankful.

For us at Helix, living the healthiest lifestyle possible is the thing that we believe most increases our chances at luck, great relationships, clarity, and overall wellness. For that matter – we are thankful for our commitment to wellness.

Hormone companies often have a reputation for being salesman that appeal to vanity, but at Helix MWR, we believe that the body starts with hormones. And if your hormones are balanced, along with proper diet, exercise and sleep, you are now giving yourself the best chance at living an absolutely delightful and satisfying life.

Please call, text or email us at Helix MWR today to discuss your goals and how our programs can help you.

Testosterone vs Estrogen

At Helix Mobile Wellness and Research, we pride ourselves greatly on looking at the entire hormone picture (rather than just fixating on one).

In regards to men’s health, many longevity institutions will solely look at testosterone, and neglect to study estrogen. In some ways, estrogen levels are more important in determining a man’s true vitality.

In our qualitative research work, we are seeing that high estrogen levels are actually more devastating to male health than low testosterone is. Furthermore, eliminating estrogen from a man’s body will produce side effects as poor as the ones related to high estrogen. There are theories that testosterone cells bind to estrogen and rely on estrogen in order to be pushed throughout the body.

The most sensitive hormone, within a man’s body, especially when undergoing hormone therapy, is estrogen. Estrogen is often the most difficult hormone to control, the toughest to predict, and the one that will fluctuate most. Much of our research work is dedicated to finding the best protocol possible to ensure that estrogen levels remain in an optimized zone.

As always, proper diet, sleeping and exercising always help keep estrogen levels in the optimized zone. For now, the best we can do is offer the finest monitoring possible to make sure that patient estrogen levels are as optimized as possible. In regard to a patient’s experience at Helix, you will find that we are one of the finest institutions, in terms of monitoring, not only testosterone, but also estrogen. And we are proud of being able to continually respond quickly to any changes in estrogen levels.

Miguel Ali
Founder, Helix Mobile Wellness and Research.

Testosterone: A Better Path To Longevity?

As the Founder of Helix Mobile Wellness and Research, I’ve been proud to open our company under the goal to enhance the longevity of others.

Testosterone has a weird name in many circles. There is absolutely a plethora of snake-oil operations and chopshops that give testosterone (and hormone balance for that matter) a lousy name. Ignoring that fact, I do believe that testosterone is a critical part to longevity.

Within my family, both sides suffer from diabetes, heart disease, obesity and various forms of depression. Of note, my mother’s side is strongly Himalayan (amongst many other ethnicities), while my father’s is Indian/Pakistani. While my father’s side tends to have “B” blood types, my mother’s side has the original “O-” blood types – when you couple the “O-” blood type (the first blood type ever) with the Himalayan roots, you can basically argue that I’m a walking yeti.

For that fact… I do wonder if certain people are simply more prone to hormone fluctuations by a particular age. After all, the first humans didn’t live many years – 35 years old was usually considered a senior age. But with better living and medical breakthroughs, the boundaries have been greatly pushed, with some areas even projecting life expectancies beyond 80 years old. But how many of those years, particularly those years past the age of 35, are lived feeling athletic, passionate, and full of vibrance?

Within Helix, we see an array of patient ages, usually starting in the mid-30’s. Hormone fluctuations and low testosterone are nothing to be embarrassed of – everyone, at some point, will have them. From my perspective though, I do seriously believe that most of my relatives – the ones who were classified as diabetic, heart disease-riden, depressed or obese – would have seen their problems solved with proper hormone and testosterone balance. I also believe that they would have lived lives of better athleticism and vibrance, well past their 30’s.

When subscribing to a hormone institution, it is critical that consistent monitoring take place of your testosterone, estrogen, progesterone (women, particularly), adrenals and thyroid. Making sure all five of these areas are in proper balance is critical. And with proper hormone balance, you will give yourself an excellent chance at living a more vibrant life (provided that you eat the right foods, exercise and get your proper sleep).

At the very least, the above is an example of the patient experience we hope every subscriber at Helix experiences.

Miguel Ali
Founder, Helix Mobile Wellness and Research

Winter Promotion – Bay Area

For a limited time for our Bay Area customers, Helix is reintroducing its promotional offer of $250 for its monthly membership (discounted from $300 monthly) – this offer will go to the first 20 winter signups. This is significant, as you will be locking in this rate for the rest of your membership, even after our plans go up.

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Summer time with Helix!

Summer is in full swing! Helix is offering great promotions in celebration of the summer.

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Spring Promotion

Our spring promotion for hormone balancing solutions is open to all customers – men, women and transgender. However, our spring promotion will soon be ending.

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