Helix MWR

Mission Statement

The Helix MWR principles are as follows:


It gives us tremendous honor and pride when a patient entrusts us with their care. We love our patients. Our goal for our patients is to help bring the best out of them and help to maximize their potential.


Helix is committed to the finest customer service in healthcare. Patients with us should be able to get clear answers and have requests followed-up on, in a seamless and efficient manner.


When someone is part of the Helix MWR family, in a working capacity, our goal is to make sure that the work this person does is work that helps their self-growth.

Helix MWR

Business and Research Info

Helix Mobile Wellness and Research was founded by Grizz Ali (“Hasan”). Helix MWR first opened as a startup, in 2015, in San Francisco.

Helix Mobile Wellness and Research is organized as a collection of research institutions. Helix MWR’s research work is founded to study the effects of hormone and metabolic balancing on medical afflictions like depression, exhaustion, sexual dysfunction, menopause, metabolic issues, obesity, addictive tendencies and autoimmune disorders. The cultivated research will fuel new objectives for Helix MWR.

Helix very much celebrates diversity and the treatment of all. For that matter, we proudly facilitate hormone programs for transgendered and gender-fluid individuals. We also facilitate treatment for HIV+ positive patients. Helix is invite-only, but transgendered, gender-fluid, and HIV+ individuals may join at any time (simply let our concierge know), without setup fee. Note: gender-change hormone programs only available to individuals age 28 and above.

Active-military, police, firefighters, first responders, and clergy (all faiths) may also join at anytime, without setup fee (please let concierge know).

Helix MWR does not employ medical practitioners – all practitioners with Helix are designated as ‘in-network’ and licensed appropriately to work with any referred patients. All prescriptions prescribed to patients at Helix are prescribed directly to the patient only, based on healthcare necessity. Helix MWR only affiliates with laboratories and pharmacies that are based in the United States of America, licensed in accordance with State and Federal laws, and licensed to handle human samples or prescriptions, respectively.

Helix MWR is not a centralized, corporate company. Every office location under the Helix umbrella (and the mobile services and consults related to each office) is organized as an independent LLC, designated as a research institution.

In-Network Prescribing Practitioners

Dr Nhan Vo, ND
Leronica Bedford, NP

Tasha Woods, NP

Tasha Woods, NP

Kehinde Fagbemi, NP

Mariem Rodriguez, NP

Tasha Woods, NP

Andrea Gold, NP

Andrea Gold, NP

Dr Elizabeth Wasson MD
Dr Tabitha Watts MD
Darlyn Victor MD
Dr Afia Umber MD
Dr Javi Hartenstine, DO

Dr Hartenstine, DO

In-Network Practitioners and Medical Directors/Supervising Physicians may change. Please contact Helix MWR for latest updates.