Helix MWR is a healthcare company focused on your longevity. Our goal is to optimize your longevity so you live a longer and happier life – we believe that optimized hormones is the key to a great life.

By becoming a member of one of our services, we will work to optimize your hormone levels, with your hormone prescriptions, doctor consultations, certain mobile visits and in-house blood work covered within our ‘in-network’ services. Helix does not sell products, as we only sell memberships that facilitate care. Our ‘in-network’ medical practitioners will also offer advice on nutrition and fitness, all to benefit your longevity. We are not a primary, secondary or tertiary care HMO and we do not recommend that patients drop their regular healthcare insurance. Helix is a longevity company that should be purchased alongside health insurance – we are not a health insurance company.

The services Helix facilitates care for include: testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), hormonal balance for men and women, vitamin balance, transgendered hormonal balance.

The conditions Helix facilitates treatment for include: adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, depression, weight-loss, metabolic issues, exhaustion/fatigue, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, addictive issues, autoimmune issues, menopause.

All functions of our company are coordinated by the technologies behind our patent-pending mobile app. Our mobile app for our subscribers, Helix Patient App, can be found on the Apple App Store and Android Store. We also have patents pending on medical devices, medical synchronization processes, blood testing, and medical delivery.

Helix MWR – Mission Statement:

Our principles are as follows:
1. PATIENTS: It gives us tremendous honor and pride when a patient entrusts us with their care. We love our patients. Our goal for our patients is to help bring the best out of them.

2. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Helix is committed to the finest customer service in healthcare. Patients with us should be able to get clear answers and have requests followed-up on, in a seamless and efficient manner.

3. WORK: When someone is part of the Helix family, in a working capacity, our goal is to make sure that the work this person does is work that helps their self-growth.

Helix MWR – Business and Research Info:

Helix was founded by Miguel Ali (aka Muhammad Miguel Ali Hasan), an Oscar-archived producer/director, political pundit, published author, and entrepreneur. The company was founded as a startup in San Francisco, California, officially in 2015.

Helix is also a research institution, with its research department studying the effects of hormone balancing on medical afflictions like depression, exhaustion, sexual dysfunction, menopause, metabolic issues, obesity, addictive tendencies and autoimmune disorders. Our plan is to eventually publish long-term studies on the effects of hormones on such ailments, as well as what the most effective dosages are for preventing such ailments.

Helix very much celebrates diversity and the treatment of all. For that matter, we proudly offer hormone programs for transgendered and gender-fluid individuals. We also treat HIV+ positive patients, who would like hormones for the benefits of reducing “HIV wasting.”

Helix is currently open in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange county – we plan to expand rapidly. Stay tuned…

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