Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does Helix do?
Helix offers mobile hormone balancing, where we aspire to balance and optimize your main hormones, for the sake of enhancing your longevity, without you ever having to visit a doctor’s office. The hormones we monitor are: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, adrenals and thyroid. With a Helix subscription, your hormones will be monitored and our licensed practitioners will do their best to optimize them, using prescription medication and longevity guidance.

2. What does a Helix membership include?
Memberships with Helix include the medications we prescribe to balance your hormones, in-house blood testing, medical monitoring and all consults. Most patients receive testosterone, HCG and estrogen blockers – but patients will also receive medications for adrenals, thyroid, progesterone or estrogen if needed.

3. How much do Helix memberships cost?
We often run promotions where memberships can be secured for $250 monthly. Sometimes they are offered at $300 monthly. If you schedule an appointment from a page advertising the $250 monthly fee, then we will make sure you receive the promo. There is a $150 setup fee applied at the beginning as well – so the first charge is $400, and then $250 monthly.

4. Are there outside costs?
Technically yes – we will recommend vitamins based on your blood results and goals. Vitamins are not required, but our practitioners simply recommend them if you would like an additional boost. Helix practitioners will send you links to the highest-quality vitamins that can be found online, but at the lowest prices we can find – it is completely optional to order them. Second, for followup blood testing, we do charge a fee to come to you to draw your blood on a mobile visit, which is $50. Blood draws can also be done for free at any of our local offices (and we have local offices near all the cities we operate in).

5. Are there contracts?
Yes – there is a 2-month contract every time meds are sent out (and medications usually go out in 3 to 4 month quantities). Cancellations outside of this window are honored without penalty.

6. Do you take insurance, HSA or FSA?
We do accept HSA and FSA! We do not accept insurance at this time, but we hope to find an insurance incentive in the future.

7. May I contact you?
Of course! Contact info:

7. How do I schedule an appointment?
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