1. Is this legal?

Yes! Our team only coordinates with licensed practitioners, pharmacies and laboratories that can legally treat or work with you, within the United States of America. All prescriptions are prescribed directly to the patient only, based on healthcare necessity.

2. Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately we do not.

3. Do you take HSA/FSA?

Yes we do! As long as your HSA/FSA is linked to a personal credit card. If you subscribe, contact customer service for your HSA/FSA eligibility letter (which we can provide after your qualifying consult).

4. Does the subscription include medications and blood testing?

Yes! Subscriptions include hormone prescriptions and in-house blood testing, as well as our concierge services and app-based monitoring.

5. Do you offer HGH?

All Helix subscriptions (men, women and transgender) automatically include our standard doses of HGH Peptides – peptides that should induce HGH creation. For greater boosts, we offer HGH Peptide add-ons with advantage-dosing, carrying more frequent doses at larger peptide amounts. Our advantage-dosing peptide add-ons should induce a much stronger boost of HGH. Please contact Helix MWR’s customer service for more info.

6. What medications do I get with my prescription?

Men usually receive a protocol of testosterone, peptides to induce HGH, HCG, holistic estrogen-controlling medication, precursor mother-hormones and oxytocin. Women usually receive peptides to induce HGH, mother hormone precursors, oxytocin, holistic sleep aids, holistic stress relievers, HCG and metabolic pathway precursors. Both men and women may receive additional medications for adrenals, thyroid, estrogen and progesterone, depending on blood results.

7. What makes Helix MWR different from other hormone providers?

There are major differences, mainly consisting in medication protocols, blood testing and mobility. First, the most vast difference is that our services go far beyond testosterone for men, or estrogen/progesterone for women. When you subscribe to Helix MWR, we work to optimize all of your main hormones. Not only should your testosterone, estrogen and progesterone be optimized, but our subscription fee includes optimization of HGH, adrenals and thyroid. Most hormone clinics do not offer thyroid or adrenal care. Most hormone clinics also charge far more than our subscription fee for HGH therapy. Our subscriptions also include blood testing, which is usually an outside fee at most other clinics; this can often make the monthly price at other clinics look cheaper – when in fact, you’ll later get an enormous bill for bloodwork. Bloodwork is included at Helix MWR. Lastly, our services are mobile, with your medical record coordinated on our mobile app, accessible to you. There are a lot of great hormone providers out there! We are proud to compete against other great institutions and we hope to have your business.

8. If I subscribe, is care guaranteed?

No. All decisions on your care are independent from Helix and based on the in-network practitioners that work with you.

9. And you’re mobile?

Yes we are! Our staffers come to you for in-patient visits, and other consults are handled by phone. We use email, text, and phone to keep you informed, so that you’re monitored effectively. Your doctor’s notes and blood testing results can all be found in your Helix MWR mobile app, making your participation in your care with us seamless. Our concierge team is available to help with any issues. We do have offices though, if you prefer office visits.