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From William C on Facebook:
I have never been catered to as well as Helix has done to me. I strongly recommend using this company. They couldn’t make it any easier on their clients.

From Geno T on Yelp:
If I could give 6 stars to Helix, I would! Any issue that I have had has been dealt with immediately and with the best customer service I have experienced in some time! The owner, Miguel, truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to ensure they are happy. Without a doubt, this has been the most enjoyable and successful medical treatment I have received in my life! I feel blessed to have found Helix!

From Kile O on Yelp:
Is an amazing service.

Cutting through the plethora of advertising and marketing to “maturing” athletes, bodybuilders and regular exercisers whose bods aren’t responding as they did when we were 40; Helix offers focused, personal regimens that make sense, yield results, and are both financially and physically accessible — in that the cost is reasonable and one can choose to have the work done in one’s home or office rather than get to an office…though an office is also available.

My energy’s up, body’s responding to workouts, sex is great, life is good.

From The G on Yelp:
Outstanding service I’m 48 and have never felt better wish I would have done this years ago. Worth every penny

Josh P on Facebook:
I can say first hand that this is an extremely professional, well thought out, and well executed company. They are prompt and with you every step of the way. It’s not BS, and they really care about your well being and are thorough in their evaluation to make sure that they keep your health optimized. Can’t say enough good things. Great doctors, great nurses, great system. I pay for this product and am no way endorsed for this.

From Abe P on Yelp:
Just do it.

What an amazing group Helix is. Have had nothing short of an amazingly pleasant experience here. From the staff to the services offered everything has been truly A+ here.

If you’re on the fence of taking TRT for WHATEVER reason, get over it and just message Helix. You can rely on them to take care of you.

Thanks again!

From Tom R on Yelp:
I am 64, an aging athlete who is stubbornly avoiding, but steadily losing ground to Father-Time. A former bodybuilder and Mr. California Masters winner ( AAU ABCC, Venice Beach, 20 years ago), ranked as a top ten Masters Swimmer (15 years ago), Surf N Wear Santa Barbara longboard surfing winner open division (30 years ago) and overall, a passionate everyday surfer at my house in Mexico during the summertime these past ten years. I practiced Bikram yoga on a nearly daily basis for ten years until nagging and persistent nerve injuries in my feet forced me to choose between surfing and yoga a few years ago.

I have a good sense of my abilities, and the obvious erosion of my skill levels, in spite of determined training, had me thinking about my possible future participation as a surfer/athlete. I knew a little bit about hormone therapy and possible benefits, but had never been quite in this present physical condition and mindset (i.e. desperate!). I have friends who do hormone therapy, but it’s on a do-it-yourself testing basis – I have researched some of the ways they are doing it, but its impersonal and seems to leave too much room for error. I wanted to do hormone therapy, and I wanted a team of proactive medical professionals to be behind me.

That’s when I heard an ad on the radio for Helix. What a concept!!!! A convenient mobile medical facility that could provide testing, assessment and medical staff, who would come to me anywhere in the Bay Area. I called the number and left a message, which was answered back in a short period. Miguel Ali is the mastermind behind this incredible service and we discussed the possible therapies and testing. I have been sold 100% by the expertise and interpersonal skills of the staff: Miguel (Founder), Antoinette (nurse), Dr. Tanya Escobedo (Lead Doctor), Dr. Christian Anguiano (in-home practitioner). Every question I have had ( a lot of them) is remarkably answered in depth and in a forthright manner. It all adds up to a feeling of trust, particularly that my welfare is their highest priority.

Last but not least the bottom line is the results – and that is the most amazing part. I had an almost immediate change in my energy levels – this is probably from the low hormone levels in the beginning. In five weeks my strength has increased by about 20%, but after years of struggling this is now an easy 20% without strain. Weight loss of the belly fat is in the 10’s (210 to 200s). My workouts are a breeze and fun again. Surfing is much easier and I now have an extra second to get into position on takeoffs. Anyone who trains might know the deeper the level of your resolve and participation creates a mindset that is almost exponential in spreading into other areas of your life i.e. nutritional intervention (provided by Helix – I was in need of a big overhaul), rest, stretching, medical checkups and of course the financial resources.

Another benefit of hormone therapy is the heightened or renewed sexual drive. Not the reason I came to Helix – really. I say this because, the first question I am asked by friends when I tell them I’m doing hormone therapy is “What ? Are you having sexual impotence?” Sorry it wasn’t anywhere on my list because I thought everything was excellent in that department, but I guess my memory was just a bit off. My girlfriend, a fitness trainer, is now a strong supporter of Helix. She thought she enjoyed our private time together before, but now she is a true believer!

Joining Helix gives you confidence because you have a support TEAM that knows how to maximize your results and keeps track of your program!!!
Thanks HELIX!!!!
Tom R.

From James S on Yelp:
I am a 35-year-old male that has looked into hormone balancing prior and at least three different occasions. My previous discussions had been with my general health care providers that take more of a “traditional” view medicine and focus more on treating symptoms than treating overall well-being. With both overall and free testosterones in what the I was told over and over was the low normal range, I continued to allow my doctors to treat my symptoms. I have been on stimulants including Adderall for ADHD and SNRIs for generalized anxiety/depression for many years. While these medications did help with a varying level of effectiveness, I felt that my overall health concerns continued to degrade. The side effects of the medications I was prescribed continued to have an increasingly negative impact on my daily life to the point where I would feel physically ill more days than not. The SNRIs had caused me to gain upwards of 40 pounds and had my diet and sleep cycles a complete mess.

A few months back I decided to get off my two remaining medications, and that time this was Adderall and Effexor. The first was a pretty easy and straightforward, while the second required months of tapering as the physical withdrawals were horrid. In fact, the withdrawals from Effexor are worse than the symptoms that cause my doctor to prescribe it in the first part. As I was cleaning my system of these medications, I was a complete mess inside and out. My body was becoming increasingly puffy, my skin was oily and broken out, I had diarrhea that was nothing like I had experienced prior in my life. I was going to the gym six days a week to trying to maintain some sense of normality but seeing almost no results. I had a personal trainer, a diet plan and was following it pretty well. Still, the results were not coming. The large storage of fat around my mid-section that I had developed while taking SNRI medications was going nowhere. I could sleep at the strangest hours and not sleep at night when I needed real rest.

About 14 weeks ago a good friend turned gym buddy mentioned to me that he had started hormone balancing with Helix. He had spoken about the many improvements he saw in his moods, workouts, sleep patterns and just overall health. I think it took me an entire five mins after hearing his story for me to download the Helix app. I must say that moment has changed my day to day life. After almost four weeks of treatment, I felt like an entirely new person. First I noticed that the effects from stopping Effexor were all but gone, I was also sleeping much better in just a few days. After the second week, my moods were much more stabilized and I was hitting the gym harder than can remember ever doing before. I got excited when I noticed that my body was no longer puffy and I was growing muscle while looking leaner.

The best part was that others were seeing my changes. I was told by top level management that I seemed as if I had “things more together” during an important meeting. The benefits continued to develop. Now at about 14 weeks, the tire around my midsection seems to be shrinking daily, and I have lost about 4″ around my gut since starting treatment with Helix. Even more exciting is that while I’m dropping fat and inches, I’m not losing much overall weight. My muscles now feel fuller, and I have gained 1.5″” on my chest and 1″ since the start. Although I still have some mood swings, they have become much less frequent, and I feel more even tempered 80% of the time, while more able to control the 20%. Additionally, my skin is clearer, I have more regular bowel movements, and overall I feel better than I have since I was a teenager. The mental fog, the difficultly with focusing and issues with anxiety seem to be getting better every day. I keep telling myself the “this is crazy, really,” as I have spent most of my life trying to find a cure or something to make me feel and think normal.

Now there are many options when looking into this kind of treatment. Helix has been great all around. They have Doctors that care about your total well-being and go beyond just prescribing testosterone. I’m now taking a regular regimen of vitamins and supplements intended to help me further balance my health and address my personal concerns. Before starting the program, I spent about an hour on the phone with a functional medicine doctor talking about my health since I was a kid and all my concerns, yes all my concerns! The doctor was an active listener, and God bless her for that! This is a much different experience than seeing a family physician for 15 mins in person, or in my case seeing a psychiatrist for 15 mins once every three months for the past many years. That was incredible to feel that someone there actually wanted you to feel better. Their entire staff is great, and they are truly a 21st-century company, as their entire program in app driven, and they can meet you wherever you are.

From Matt E on Google:
These guys are great! 36 year old male that has never felt better. They got me to 1200 testosterone level and in much better shape in the first couple months.

Every 2-3 months they do more blood test and make sure that your test, thyroid and other vitals are ideal. HCG to make sure natural test is still produced and estrogen blockers to take away the side effects

Highly recommend this program for anyone that remembers a time when they get great and they want to get back there again.

From Mercedes M on Google:
A very good, professional business with friendly staff and prompt service

From Eugene T on Google:
Although young, I had been aware that I suffered from low testosterone since 2014 due to a medical condition I have had since birth. My libido was never on par with other males my age and symptoms such as chronic fatigue, increased belly fat, and a decrease in an overall feeling of well-being began to plague me as I approached my late-20’s. I took tests with my HMO health insurance provider that showed my testosterone levels were in the 200’s. They told me that was in the “normal range”, said to eat a better diet and sent me on my not-so-merry way. So, I did some research and found that my level was normal all right, for an 80 year old man!!!

Fortunately, in stepped Helix MWR. I was on my way to work one day and heard their advertisement and emailed them that day. I received a response almost immediately from Miguel Ali, the founder, which inquired as to my situation and what they offered. After just a couple emails, he had arranged for a representative to visit me that week, at the location of my choosing, to do the preliminary blood work and basic testing. Amber, the phlebotomist was very personable and the visit took no more than 20 minutes. My lab results came back within 2 days and Dr. Escobedo called me on the 3rd day to go over my medical history and symptoms. She explained what her recommended Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was, as well as some vitamins and supplements that I should also incorporate in my diet. My HRT medication was at my doorstep two days later. Miguel thoughtfully scheduled a nurse to visit me at home, that same day, to demonstrate how and when to use the medication.

Now, on to the results! To put it bluntly, I have never felt so good in my entire life! My energy is through the roof, I have a libido that puts my pubescent self to shame, and have even lost a couple of pounds from my waistline without even trying! The only regret I have is not starting my HRT program sooner! Even after starting, Miguel has been there to answer any questions I have had and even went out of his way to ask how the treatment was going. I can’t say a single negative thing about Helix and strongly recommend them to anyone who is suffering from hormone related issues. No Dr’s appointments to go to, no pharmacy trips to take, and best of all…. no more symptoms!!!

From Corey H on Yelp:Helix has given me a reset button as I near middle age status! The staff is very professional as well as very informative about everything related the therapy program. And how many companies give you a direct line to the owner of the company? in my experience very few. If you are on the fence about hormone replacement therapy,give Helix Wellness a try!

From Kevin M on Yelp:Helix has been great. Doctors are very through and the whole program is very Convenient. They come to you. I feel great and am excited to see how my my second set of blood work compares to my first.

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