How It Works

Subscribing is easy and here’s how your initiation process will work, step-by-step:

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Schedule your first appointment by calling us or booking online. For this appointment, our mobile phlebotomist visits your home or office, and draws a blood sample.

First Appointment

You can call us to schedule your first appointment, or purchase it directly on this website. We will send an ‘in-network’ mobile phlebotomist to you, who will visit you at your home or office. Upon arrival, our ‘in-network’ phlebotomist will take your vitals and collect a blood sample. You can also schedule an appointment at one of our offices (San Francisco, Newport Beach, Venice Beach/Los Angeles). Either way, your blood sample will find its way to our lab…

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Within 10 business days our lab will issue a hormone report on your Helix app. The analysis includes: testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, adrenals, progesterone, PSA, SHBG, hemoglobin and some vitamins.

Blood Results

For most subscribers, within 7 to 9 business days, your mobile app will report your blood and vitamin results, which will likely include: testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, estradiol, progesterone, thyroid, total T3, total T4, cortisol, DHEA-S, PSA, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Phone Consult

Within 24 to 72 hours of your report, you will be contacted by one of our ‘in-network’ licensed medical practitioners to schedule your medical consult. During your phone consult, our affiliated medical team will discuss your blood work, and whether a treatment program should be administered.
Prescribed meds icon
A Helix MWR practitioner calls you for the purpose of prescribing a protocol of hormone medications, including testosterone. A mobile practitioner also visits you to administer a physical and demonstrate medications.*

Licensed Practitioner Visit and Medications

Our in-network mobile medical practitioner will visit your home or office, administer a physical (final step of qualification – depending on prescription) and show you how to use your medications. Medications will be sent directly to you from one of our in-network pharmacies.


You are now on your way, with your monthly membership fee covering future blood tests with us, doctor consults and prescription refills, as we monitor your health, making sure your experience is a good one. You continue to receive guidance on fitness and nutrition while you stay subscribed, so that your longevity is managed well.

Call (310)-548-9500 to schedule your appointment or schedule a mobile appointment online.
Helix Mobile Wellness and Research does not sell any products. Memberships are for the legal and licensed medical services we facilitate.

All Helix locations facilitate the following treatments: