Helix MWR’s non-profit work is a commitment to reducing job discrimination against members of our transgender and gender-fluid population.

Statistics show that transgender/gender-fluid people may face more job discrimination than any other designated group in the USA. To combat this matter, Helix MWR proudly hosts the transgender/gender-fluid Medical Assistant Internship program. People who are transgendered/gender-fluid are encouraged to send their resume to us, should they desire an entry-level position in medical assisting. Our internships are part-time, paid, and flexible, in terms of hours. Our goal in offering this internship is to identify talent to promote within the company, but more importantly, offer entry-level jobs to the transgender/gender-fluid community, so that transgendered/gender-fluid individuals have an opportunity to build their resume, start a career in medicine, and graduate into even higher-income earning positions.

If you identify as transgendered/gender-fluid, and would like to apply for a medical assisting internship in one of our Helix MWR cities, please send your resume to:

We look forward to reading! Thank you!