Helix is now offering mobile services to Sacramento!

If interested in coming onto any of our programs, please call, text, or purchase an appointment.

Our two most popular mobile programs are:

Mobile Testosterone Balancing For Men:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and Andropause

In-Home Women’s Hormone Balancing:

In-Home Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT)

Both programs are also available in San Francisco, San Jose, Marin County, Santa Cruz, Carmel, Monterey, Oakland and the East Bay.

Thank you all!

Welcome New Customers

Helix’s Bay Area operations are off to a great start!

We want to thank all of the new customers who have subscribed.

Our mobile team is available to come to you anywhere in the Bay Area, so that you can get your treatments done, without ever having to visit a medical office.

Call us today at – 415-656-8318

Helix Mobile Wellness and Research

Our goal is to optimize your longevity. To us, longevity starts with hormones. If your hormones are balanced, your longevity is optimized. Helix Mobile Wellness and Research is a mobile service and longevity company – we will come to you, home or office, with your testosterone and hormone therapy being done without ever visiting a medical office. Helix uses mobile healthcare services and mobile apps to facilitate and synchronize prescription-based treatment that can optimize your hormones, with the goal to maximize your longevity.

Through our care, we will continually monitor and treat your testosterone, estrogen, free testosterone, progesterone, thyroid and adrenals.

Here’s how it works:
STEP 1: We send a mobile phlebotomist to your home or office, where we (1) record your vitals and (2) draw a blood sample, after our practitioners have ordered your blood test.

STEP 2: Within 7 to 9 business days (usually) our blood laboratory will test your blood and report a comprehensive hormone panel on your Helix mobile app. The report will include levels on testosterone, free testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, adrenals, progesterone, PSA (for men), hemoglobin, hematocrit, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

STEP 3: Our in-network lead medical practitioner will call you and decide whether you qualify for treatment – and pending qualification, administer a prescription protocol for the sake of optimizing your hormone levels, as well as offer insight on vitamin levels, fitness and diet.

STEP 4: Our in-network mobile medical practitioner will visit your home or office, administer a physical (final step of qualification – depending on prescription) and show you how to use your medications. Medications will be sent directly to you from one of our in-network pharmacies.

STEP 5: You are now on your way, with your full hormone optimization. Your monthly membership fee will cover in-house blood testing, doctor consults and prescription refills, as we monitor your health, making sure your experience is a good one. You continue to receive guidance while you stay subscribed, so that your longevity is managed well.

Feel free to text or call us if you have questions:

For those who want to schedule a mobile appointment (we come to you!), click here for our Schedule Appointment page or schedule below:

Helix is now open in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Common Symptoms of Hormone Imbalances include:
Exhaustion, depression, metabolic and weight loss issues, loss of muscle mass, belly fat, sexual dysfunctions, loss of libido, brain fog and sleeping issues.

Helix’s technologies related to mobile app technology, diagnosis algorithms, medical delivery and medical devices, are patent pending. Helix does not sell hormone products or produce products – we facilitate prescription-based services that are handled by licensed medical practitioners.

San Francisco

We are excited that our first division will soon open in San Francisco, meaning that we will be serving customers in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Please look out for updates, as we inch closer to our official opening!

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