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Helix Mobile Wellness and Research

  • Reviewer profile photo Zorena D.

    I just signed up with Helix and had my first lab ( blood draw) today at my home. From the first call to the blood draw – Abigail the concierge and Kristal the phlebotomist – were truly helpful! They were excellent listeners and really explained the program well . This concept is really groundbreaking – to make this complex process very simple and safe – coming right to your home with expert services and medications. It’s the perfect time for this idea. It’s Genius. Thx!

  • Reviewer profile photo Reina Licona

    I love this company and how they always respond quickly and I am always able to get an appointment as quick as I wanted. The right at home service is the best part about not having to drive anywhere for my meds. Thank you Helix!

  • Reviewer profile photo Christian D.

    I’ve been on this TRT from Helix for a good 3 years now. Everyone I’ve dealt with in the company has been supremely professional and kind. Deliveries of my meds are prompt. And the Drs are very knowledgeable and most helpful. Plan on staying with Helix for many years to come. Give them a try. You won’t regret it

  • Reviewer profile photo Jerry R.

    This service has been phenomenal! The set up was easy. They come to you and make everything pain free. Once you’re all set up and get your meds, the concierge and doctors make sure you’re taken care of. Dr. Amirmehrabi is the best. She does an overall wellness check and recommends additional supplements / vitamins to make sure your overall health is on point. Highly recommend!

  • Reviewer profile photo Brent T.

    As someone who prides himself on all things health and wellness, I was pleasantly surprised at the useful, individualized and insightful advice that was given to me at Helix. The customer service and attention to detail was bar none, Id recommend this to anyone looking to optimize their performance, in any respect!

  • KP Kenneth P.

    Helix is great at accessing your individual needs and designing a program that is unique to you. I encourage everyone to give them a chance to design a health and wellness program.

  • Reviewer profile photo Joe F.

    The process is great! I had so many questions (mostly annoying ) Abigail, in particular is very patient, responsive and professional. I am on my second month so far I feel great! Noticeable energy! Highly recommended.

  • Reviewer profile photo Trent T.

    I’m loving my experience with Helix! They gave me specific instructions for my prescriptions and since being on them I feel AMAZING! Tons of energy, sleeping incredible, leaning out and am having better workouts than I have had for the last 10 years!! Highly recommend becoming a member of Helix

  • Reviewer profile photo William Cooney

    I have never been catered to as well as Helix has done to me. I strongly recommend using this company. They couldn’t make it any easier on their clients.

  • Reviewer profile photo Emma V.

    Helix is the best service ever, before Helix I was always tired and grumpy. Now after only few months I feel back alive. The customer service is amazing.

  • ME Matt Elfrink

    These guys are great! 36 year old male that has never felt better. They got me to 1200 testosterone level and in much better shape in the first couple months.

    Every 2-3 months they do more blood test and make sure that your test, thyroid and other vitals are ideal. HCG to make sure natural test is still produced and estrogen blockers to take away the side effects

    Highly recommend this program for anyone that remembers a time when they get great and they want to get back there again.

  • Reviewer profile photo Gerard Fane

    I can not recommend Helix enough. First, the process is straightforward and all of the questions I had were answered quickly and directly. Second, it’s incredibly convenient. The Helix team came to me on my schedule. No waiting weeks or even multiple days to get an appointment, they were at my place within 36 hours after signing up and continue to show up within the same amount of time for every appointment. Third and most importantly, the result do not lie. I feel so much better overall it’s basically a new lease on life.

    You pay for what you get, superior service and results. I’ve dealt with both Dr on staff and multiple phlebotomists and every interaction has been stellar. As mentioned before, the results have been life changing. I have more energy, focus and drive. Libido and fat loss have also increased significantly.

    Finally, Miguel (the owner) has been great and is an incredibly stand up guy. He takes customer happiness personally and has always be responsive and patient with my questions.

    Do yourself a favor and sign up for HMW.

  • Reviewer profile photo Chase T.

    HELIX is very responsive and provides quality care and service. I feel comfortable knowing the medication is clean and safe. And appointments for doctors visits are easy and well as blood draws. The mobile blood draw is a nice time saving benefit.

  • SD Steve D.

    Helix MWR is a great company offering a fantastic product. No doctor office visits, no driving, they come to you for everything. It’s super easy to set up and get started.

    As a 56 year old male, in remission for cancer, I was having a difficult time seeing any progress in the gym. Partly do to my age and partly do to the cancer. So I reached out to Helix for help!

    The program my Doctor prescribed for me is perfect. I’ve seen huge gains in the gym, my muscle mass has increased, and I feel great! It’s amazing what happens when your “T” levels are increased to what they use to be in my 30’s.

    Amazing service and amazing product without even having to leave your home. I highly recommend Helix MWR!

  • Reviewer profile photo Steve J.

    Really great service. My hormones were very out of whack and Helix helped get me back on track. Very professional Dr.’s and phlebotomists. I would definitely suggest this service for anyone who is looking to get in great shape mentally and physically.

  • CG Chad G.

    I have been using HELIX for about 10 months. I am 42 years old and had been struggling with low energy and trying to be active with my 5 year old son. I had worked out all my life but just didn’t have any motivation the last 3-4 years. Finally got my T-levels tested with my medical provider and was in the 300’s range which is what a 70-80 year old man’s T-level should be. Went with HELIX based on the reviews and the convenience of mobile blood draws. Their blood tests matched what I had from my medical provider.

    So they started me off on a low testosterone dosage and HCG for part of the first cycle. Within a week I noticed much higher energy levels and even smiled more doing tasks like walking my dogs. Had a much more positive outlook on life as well. They also recommended some additional supplements that would help with my pituitary levels that were low in their testing. They try to look at overall health issues and not just your T-Levels. When I noticed some tenderness related to increased estrogen levels they immediately worked with me to make appropriate adjustments that resolved the issue. They test you regularly thru the process to make sure they can get you to optimum levels, which I really appreciate.

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