Helix MWR does not sell products. Memberships are for the legal and licensed medical services we facilitate. Any hormone prescriptions facilitated by Helix are prescribed by ‘in-network’ practitioners and filled by ‘in-network’ pharmacies. Helix only affiliates with licensed practitioners and pharmacies that are in the US, and operating legally under local and national US laws. All services below are pending practitioner approval and qualification, based on symptoms, age, demographic and/or blood-testing results. All Helix MWR patients are required to get blood-testing done before prescription issuance (whether that blood test is handled by Helix MWR or previously done by a different institution).

Helix MWR Membership: Invite-Only

$385 Monthly – One-Time Setup Fee: $150 –

Patients who join Helix MWR gain access to our team of ‘in-network’ licensed practitioners, who will work to stimulate, optimize and replenish your metabolic and hormone pathways, including testosterone, HGH, estrogen, progesterone, adrenals and thyroid. Membership includes in-house hormone blood testing, access to our mobile team, hosting of a mobile medical record, prescribed medications, medical monitoring and concierge support.

Helix can facilitate prescription-based add-on treatments involving Peptide Injections (to aid increases in Human Growth Hormone), as well as programs related to erectile dysfunction medications, NAD, sleep care, B12 injections and other therapies. These therapies are only facilitated through prescription, with practitioner approval. Please contact your Helix concierge for more specific information.
Helix Add-Ons are listed below. Add-ons are only prescribed if approved by your "in-network" Helix practitioner:

Human Growth Hormone Therapy - Peptide Injections

— More Energy With Less Sleep Series —
– Velocity: $155 monthly, with $155 setup
– Xtreme: $300 monthly, with $300 setup
Basic subscriptions to Helix MWR come with peptides, used to increase HGH. Helix MWR also offers injections of peptides, for the purpose of increasing HGH. Please contact our concierge for more info.

HGH - Direct Injections

$350 monthly, with $400 setup
Direct HGH shots, using Omnitrope, a synthetic version of HGH, derived using recombinant technology.

Fat Burner: MIC

$75 monthly, with $75 setup

MIC with L-Carnitine injections, customized to increase your metabolism, for the purpose of burning fat.

B12 Shots

$80 monthly, with $80 setup
B12 Shots to add to your Helix protocol.


– Standard Dose: $35 monthly, with $35 setup
– Double Dose: $90 monthly, with $90 setup

This add-on adds generic Viagra and Cialis to your protocol (Sildenafil and Tadalafil), administered by troche (dissolved under your tongue). You can receive a mix of both generic Viagra and Cialis, or pick one. The Standard add-on should give you a strong dosage for around half the days of the week; the Daily Dose should give most patients a solid dosage for each day.


$25 monthly, with $25 setup

Our NAD troche consists of NADH, along with additional amino acids – all compounded with the goal to enhance morning focus, concentration and dopamine.

Gonadorelin Injections

$85 monthly, with $85 setup
Injections of Gonadorelin, provided with the goal of maintaining hormone organ function, increasing Luteinizing Hormone & maintaining fertility.

Trimix/Bimix Shots

$155 monthly, with $155 setup
Trimix or Bimix injections, to support erectile function.

*All prescriptions above are only prescribed on the basis of qualification by a licensed practitioner.

*All add-ons and plans above are based on theory and are experimental in use. We do not guarantee results. Statements on this website are not guarantees – they represent the outcome we hope you feel.