Helix MWR does not sell products. Memberships are for the legal and licensed medical services we facilitate. Any hormone prescriptions facilitated by Helix are prescribed by ‘in-network’ practitioners and filled by ‘in-network’ pharmacies. Helix only affiliates with licensed practitioners and pharmacies that are in the US, and operating legally under local and national US laws. 

Helix MWR Membership

$255 Monthly (limited time price – usually $305)
– One-Time Setup Fee: $150 –

Patients who subscribe to our Helix MWR protocol gain our team of ‘in-network’ licensed practitioners, who will work to stimulate, optimize and replenish your metabolic and hormone pathways, including testosterone, HGH, estrogen, progesterone, adrenals and thyroid. Subscription includes in-house hormone blood testing, hosting of a mobile medical record, prescribed medications, medical monitoring and concierge support.

The following add-ons can be added to your Helix membership, pending practitioner approval:

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Peptide Injections

Velocity: $155 Monthly, $155 Setup
Xtreme: $300 Monthly, $300 Setup
Advantage-Troches: $125 Monthly, $125 Setup

– More Energy with Less Sleep Series –
All Helix subscriptions include standard-dosing of HGH Peptides. Our HGH Peptide add-ons (Velocity and Xtreme) carry HGH Peptide advantage-dosing, giving you more frequent doses with larger peptide amounts. Our HGH Peptide add-ons also include multiple peptides (not just a singular peptide), which should create stronger synergy, likely inducing larger boosts of HGH (in comparison to our standard dosing). All peptides are prescribed by licensed practitioners, pending qualification. We hope our stronger add-ons for HGH Peptides give you more energy, with less sleep.

Helix Theory

$60 Monthly, $60 Setup Fee

– More Energy with Less Sleep Series –
Helix Theory is a patent-pending system of troches, designed to provide stimulation, relief and replenishment to your metabolic pathways. Helix Theory should help optimize your Mitochondria, DNA, RNA, Krebs Cycle, Neurotransmitters, NAD, Dopamine, Serotonin, Melatonin, Glutathione, SAM-E, and provide stimulation to your Hypothalamus, a primary hormone organ. We hope this add-on provides you with more energy on less sleep, among other benefits.

Helix Theory - HGH Plus

$125 Monthly, $125 Setup Fee

– More Energy with Less Sleep Series –
The Helix Theory system of troches, as well as with advantaged-dosed peptide troches, customized with the goal to boost HGH. Advantage-dosed troches are much larger in their dosing than the standard-dosed peptide troches that are included in the Helix subscription.

HCG Shots

$15 Monthly, $15 Setup Fee
Additional HCG, for those who benefit from its boost, or those who need fertility help.

B12 Shots

$25 Monthly, $25 Setup Fee
B12 Injections, for those who need extra B12.

Fat-Burner MIC with L-Carnitene

$35 Monthly, $35 Setup Fee

Injections designed to help metabolism and longevity, made of Methionine, Inositol and Choline (MIC), along with L-Carnitine.

Fat-Burner Peptides

$35 Monthly, $35 Setup Fee
Peptide troches designed to help boost metabolism and aid longevity.

Dr Feel Good - GABA Troches

$25 Monthly, $25 Setup Fee
Gaba delivered by troche, to help reduce stress and create calm.

Glutathione Injections

$35 Monthly, $35 Setup Fee

Glutathione Injections, to promote longevity. 


$100 Monthly, $125 Setup Fee
Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis) troches, created to help with sexual dysfunction.

*All prescriptions above are only prescribed on the basis of qualification by a licensed practitioner.

*All add-ons and plans above are based on theory and are experimental in use. We do not guarantee results. Statements on this website are not guarantees – they represent the outcome we hope you feel.