At Helix MWR, we cannot speak definitively on what will stop Covid-19. Below are recommendations on lifestyle and supplements. We cannot guarantee that any of the recommendations below will stop Covid-19 – we are simply providing feedback on what we believe to be effective:


David Sinclair PhD (@davidsinclair) has had some terrific posts on Twitter outlining his work on Covid-19. In addition to his insights, we give a general recommendation to the following supplements that are easy to obtain:

Vitamin C

Per Sinclair, Covid-19 attacks red-blood cells, attempting to antagonize the iron within the red-blood cells – this is ultimately what may cause lung failure, or other organ failure. Vitamin C greatly helps iron absorption, working against agents that may reduce the impact of iron.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has been shown to have agents that can help heal lung damage. Covid-19 has shown to have large impacts on lungs, for patients with severe symptoms. Vitamin A should help in assisting stronger lungs.

Vitamin D

As many self-quarantine, exposure to the sun will reduce, and this could weaken immunity. Vitamin D is a solid supplement choice at this time.

Vitamin K

Similar to Vitamin A, Vitamin K may have great properties for lung health, particularly in a link that it may reduce calcification activities in the lung.


Taurine, an amino acid, has a multitude of longevity benefits – some research has shown that it may also aid lung health, as well as may reduce chances of calcification.


Our lifestyle recommendations are as follows:

Avoid Ibuprofen

France recently sent out warnings that many of the patients who are severely suffering from Covid-19 used Ibuprofen. If you have a fever or headache, we advise avoiding Ibuprofen.

Red Meat

Eat grassfed and organic red meat, if you’re able to find it. If not, eat the finest quality red meat you can obtain. If Sinclair’s research is true, then now is the time to increase your iron – eating red meat is a wonderful way to do it.

Avoid Alcohol, Sugar, and Processed-Foods

If you must have alcohol, then please drink organic wines. The majority of the wines we recommend in our newsletter come from organic sources, with most of our favorite winemakers hailing from Sicily, Spain and Italy. Please do your best to avoid sugar, junk food, and processed foods.

Stress, Exercise and Sleep

Do not stress. Stress will lower your immune system and heavily increase your chances of illness. Sleep is one of the finest things you can do right now, both for your stress and your general wellness. In regard to exercise (especially for those staying home) at-home yoga is a great way to stay fit. Yoga will also help promote blood flow in your body, and should help you find calm – both wonderful elements in light of the current situation. Alo Yoga has an app on the various app stores, with subscriptions for their online yoga classes (however, free classes from various trainers can be found on YouTube, as well).

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is reported to have increased the chances of a severe reaction to Covid-19. Do whatever you can to create calm and reduce your blood pressure.

Helix Protocol

Helix’s prescription protocols should already help greatly in reducing blood pressure, creating calm, strengthening immunity and supplementing your body with critical substances. However, the above is our recommendations, in regard to further actions that could be done to strengthen immunity, alongside your Helix protocol.