Testosterone vs Estrogen

At Helix Mobile Wellness and Research, we pride ourselves greatly on looking at the entire hormone picture (rather than just fixating on one).

In regards to men?s health, many longevity institutions will solely look at testosterone, and neglect to study estrogen. In some ways, estrogen levels are more important in determining a man?s true vitality.

In our qualitative research work, we are seeing that high estrogen levels are actually more devastating to male health than low testosterone is. Furthermore, eliminating estrogen from a man?s body will produce side effects as poor as the ones related to high estrogen. There are theories that testosterone cells bind to estrogen and rely on estrogen in order to be pushed throughout the body.

The most sensitive hormone, within a man?s body, especially when undergoing hormone therapy, is estrogen. Estrogen is often the most difficult hormone to control, the toughest to predict, and the one that will fluctuate most. Much of our research work is dedicated to finding the best protocol possible to ensure that estrogen levels remain in an optimized zone.

As always, proper diet, sleeping and exercising always help keep estrogen levels in the optimized zone. For now, the best we can do is offer the finest monitoring possible to make sure that patient estrogen levels are as optimized as possible. In regard to a patient?s experience at Helix, you will find that we are one of the finest institutions, in terms of monitoring, not only testosterone, but also estrogen. And we are proud of being able to continually respond quickly to any changes in estrogen levels.

Miguel Ali
Founder, Helix Mobile Wellness and Research.

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