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Helix is invite-only. Invited execs save $100 monthly (promo ends September 29th, 2023).


Luxury Hormone Balancing

Helix is an invite-only, luxury hormone service. Our services come to your home, coordinated by our mobile apps. Our protocol includes testosterone and HGH peptide therapy, along with holistic sleep medication & amino acids to help heal mitochondria. 
No company offers a finer protocol, with luxury convenience. 
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Intelligent Hormone Rebalancing

Helix MWR’s goal is to help your body intelligently rebalance its hormones. We do this by:

Growth Hormone (HGH) replenished using peptide therapy.

Replenishing energy with precursor hormones.

Holistic prescriptions to aid sleep & stress.

Peptides used to boost metabolism.

Peptides used to stimulate hormone-producing organs – Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenals & Thyroid. 

When your hormone organs are given precursor hormones and stimulated, along with reducing anxiety, aiding sleep and replenishing HGH, your body should find its right balance – that is our goal at Helix MWR.

How it Works

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Book your first appointment on our calendar below. Our mobile staffer will visit your home or office, record your vitals and draw a blood sample.
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Within 10 business days, our lab issues a hormone report on your Helix app. Analysis includes: testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, adrenals, progesterone, HGH, PSA, SHBG, hemoglobin & Vit B12.*
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A Helix practitioner calls you, reviews your report and customizes a protocol of prescriptions.* A mobile practitioner also visits you to administer a physical and demonstrate medications. 

Membership covers:

Executive Promo

Ending September 29th, 2023:

– Executive Promo: $285 Monthly –
– Regular: $385 Monthly

Invited execs can lock-in a Helix membership at $285 monthly* (normally $385 monthly). A $150 setup fee is applied to first visit. Helix is an invite-only service, with special promo openings available now for selected executives.

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